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2022 in Retrospect

From walking robot dog Spot to virtually intubating or driving a truck, tech enthusiasts of all ages discovered the world of gaming, robotics, VR, AR, AI, 3D and engineering during various experiences, workshops and techtalks during Dutch Technology Festival 2022. Check out all aftermovies from all the days below.

This was Dutch Technology Festival 2022

Technology provides solutions
How does technology contribute to major societal challenges? That question was central to the festival. Lucas van Grinsven, chairman of Dutch Technology Festival: “The image of technology is often outdated. It’s up to us to turn that around. We must make it clear that technology is all around us and that every day we can make the world a little healthier, faster and better. Technology offers answers to important social transitions in, for example, mobility and energy.”

Dutch Technology Festival in figures:

  • Over 13,500 visitors for the High Tech Discovery Route
  • Over 150 participating companies amazed visitors about their technology
  • 3000 elementary school students (Mission Tech), 3500 secondary school students (Night of the Nerds) and over 2500 adult techies (Quiz Night XL, Gaming & Esports and DT Talks) visited Dutch Technology Festival
  • Over 22,500 visitors for Dutch Technology Festival 2022

This was The High Tech Ontdekkingsroute 2022

During High Tech Ontdekkingsroute 2022, tech companies in Brainport Region opened their doors wide to the public. Over 12,500 visitors marveled at the role of technology in society.

The hotspots

The 6 hotspots of 2022: High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Brainport Industries Campus, Philips Museum, Thermo Fisher Scientific, VDL ETG Eindhoven, Stichting Hightech Helmond – de Peel (near Formula Air).

We look back on #HTOR with pride! Do you want to take a look?

This was Night of the Nerds 2022

On Wednesday, June 15, Night of the Nerds took place! Over 3500 secondary school students were immersed in the world of technology, innovation and creativity.

Experiences, workshops, techtalks and a Night of the Nerds quiz. Students learned music programming, tested and played new games and could ask questions to the University Racing Team who built their own race car.

This was Mission Tech 2022

Especially for Dutch Technology Festival 2022, Mission Tech was again organized live for students from grade 5 to 8. The students were amazed and excited by all the wonderful things technology has to offer. They were introduced to the latest forms of gaming, building their own robot and could participate in the exciting quiz.

Mission Tech was organized by ASML, Jet-Net & TechNet, KempenTech, Philips, VDL and Brainport Eindhoven. We look back in this aftermovie!

Do you also want to enthuse students for technology during Mission Tech 2023?
You can find more information at www.dutchtechnologyfestival.nl

This was Quiz Night XL 2022

Over 1400 participants took part in the successful Quiz Night XL on Thursday, June 16! During this exciting quiz night they were presented with various questions: from Einstein to iPhone. We look back on #QuiznightXL! Do you want to take a look?

This was Gaming & Esports 2022

Your favorite gamers & games passed by in the jam-packed program with lots of coverage of Minecraft, League of Legends, FIFA, Fortnite and more!

Gaming & Esports 2022 with:

– PSV FIFA players Ali Riza Aygün and Dennis Verhoeven
– Creators Qucee, JoostSpeeltSpellen, Djuncan and Linktijger
– Teams ‘The Agency’ vs. KRC Genk
– Tim Kolijn (Minecraft hero)
– Host Koolein
– Casters Boomin & Woonglol.

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