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15 t/m 18 juni
12:00 – 20:00 uur
Klokgebouw Eindhoven
Gratis toegang

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Doelgroep Tech lovers of all ages Contact m.dewit@brainportdevelopment.nl

Central area

This was the Central Area of Dutch Technology Festival 2022

Between June 15 and 18, 2022, technology was in the spotlight at one central location: the Klokgebouw Eindhoven. You stepped into the world of technology: make a TikTok-video with your friends, learn how technology contributes to social issues and meet high tech companies from Brainport region.

Here you could make a TikTok movie with your best friends, learn about how technology contributes to social issues and meet high-tech companies from the region.

In this area there were various experiences, workshops and techtalks on the packed program. Below you will find all the activities for the 2022 edition:

Dutch Top Games

Play your favourite Dutch game here on Wednesdays and Thursdays!

We all know the widely played games like Fortnite, Minecraft and Call of Duty by big international game companies. Did you know that the Dutch game industry is also growing with impressive games and ditto figures? The best known is of course Guerrilla (with the Horizon and Killzone series). But there are many more great games from Dutch producers.

The game curators of Night of the Nerds have made a special selection of the latest and greatest Dutch Top Games for Dutch Tech Fest. You can play six games at Night of the Nerds and Mission Tech: Falconeer Warrior edition, Arid, Unexplored 2, Next Space Rebels, Pine, Cats CaféManager.

On Saturday you can play a game by young game developers from TU Eindhoven, TU/e Game Dev.

Virtual ride

DAF Trucks has launched the DAF Virtual Experience. This is a lifelike, interactive online environment that is on a par with its physical equivalent: the DAF Experience Center in Eindhoven. It offers shows, presentations, videos and a live chat. Visitors can even sign up for a virtual ride in the new generation XG and XG⁺.
A visit to the virtual DAF Museum is also possible.

World champion football robots

Winning the human World Cup with football robots before 2050? Helping the elderly to live at home for longer or supporting nurses in hospitals? That is the goal of Tech United. Tech United is a multidisciplinary team that participates in the annual Robocup world championships with football robots, but also with a care robot called HERO.

Our football robots play football completely autonomously and have already won several world championships. Much of the knowledge we gain in the robot football league we can almost directly apply to our care robot, which also gave us the current world championship title. On 15 and 16 June, you can see the robots live in action!

Intubating in a virtual environment! Is that possible?

You will experience what it is like to insert a breathing tube in a patient in the operating theatre.
The main thing is to follow the step-by-step plan correctly and the question is whether you can do this. Afterwards your experience can be recorded in a podcast.

Radiology of the future

Philips ‘Radiology Vision’ explores the potential for adaptive intelligence and data science to improve staff and patient experience whilst delivering better clinical outcomes and optimizing efficiency within Radiology.

Come experience through VR how patients are guided – so that they are informed, well-positioned and relaxed – improving experience and diagnostic quality.

ClarifEye Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation

Can you operate on someone through a very small opening? Yes, you can! It is called minimally invasive surgery and surgeons are using it more and more, even for spine surgery! Many people suffer from back problems and sometimes the only option is surgery. A surgeon then places screws in the spine to stabilize the back. This has to be done accurately, because misplacement of the screw by only one millimeter can lead to problems.

With ClarifEye Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation, Philips helps the surgeon to place the screws accurately. It works just like navigation in the car, but for operations. Through ClarifEye, the surgeon sees not only the outside, but also the inside of a patient in 1 image. This way a screw can be placed in the spine via a tiny hole in the skin! Come explore your navigation skills!

Square World

The project started with a fascination for the shape of the silicon wafer, a round disc of semiconductor material that Nijmegen chip company NXP uses as a basis for producing rectangular microchips. When you look at your smartphone – the microchip, the manufacturing process and the design of your phone – the rectangular shape keeps coming back on different scales. We are constantly looking at rectangular pixels when we look at our phone screen. Moving from the atomic to the global scale, the vertical film tells the story of our tendency to want to make everything rectangular. The music is composed by Davin Mosterd, who was inspired by the round and square themes that recur in the film.

“Ranger; a driving robot platform”

The configurable mobile robotic platform – the Avular ranger – can create self-contained mobile robotic applications within weeks. Due to its configurable nature, it can be used for rough outdoor terrain, flat outdoor terrain or indoor areas that require a lot of manoeuvrability.
With its various sensors, the robot can be used in many different places. Let the robot inspect plants and crops in the agricultural market or let it independently move materials from A to B in the factory. In the end, the robot can be used in many different places: the applications are limitless!

A mind-blowing VR experience

Have you always wanted to know how it feels to be a living cannonball? You don’t necessarily need solid ground under need your feet and would you rather shoot yourself through the air than root around on the couch?
Students at SintLucas have developed a VR game in which this is all possible. You crawl into the barrel of a large cannon, point the cannon at the target, say a quick prayer and fire yourself, hoping to land right in the middle of it. The game was developed entirely at DeStudio, from the concept and prototypes to the execution.
DeStudio is a design studio where fifteen SintLucas trainees are at the helm every six months. A studio that is formed by the great diversity of students and their projects. Where design is done; from graphic projects, to designing games, to product design… Where young professionals are given the space to shape their future and where they are trained to become the social, cultural and sustainable entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

In het Licht van Vincent

Together with ASML, the Van Gogh Museum is investigating how the world-famous paintings by Vincent van Gogh can be preserved for the future. This year, the Vakkanjers lent a hand by creating a 360-degree panorama using Vincent’s paintings. Every school made a piece of the panorama and the best pieces can be seen here at the festival. Which school do you like best? Go vote and be surprised!

Meat the Future: ice cream truck

Meat-flavoured ice cream: do you dare? The Bistro In Vitro ice cream truck is a great conversation starter about the future of eating meat. The ice cream truck is part of the fictional restaurant Bistro In Vitro that will open its doors in 2030. In the ice cream truck, visitors can get acquainted with possible dishes that in-vitro meat brings us.

As a foretaste of the opening of in-vitro meat restaurant Bistro In Vitro, visitors can taste six flavors of meat-flavoured ice cream during the Dutch Technology Festival. In addition, they can choose which speculative cultured meat starters and main courses they want to order in 2030. The ice cream truck is part of the larger exhibition Meat the Future.

NXP: Through the lens of a microscope

NXP makes microchips that are so small that you can hardly see them with the naked eye. These chips are in your phone, but also in cars to make them beep when you reverse. Did you know that the scale of a microchip is so tiny that colour does not even exist? Many people can’t imagine what a microchip looks like up close.
As a designer, Michelle shows you how enchanting a chip looks on a microscopic scale. Connections in a chip are made at different heights and therefore have different functions. When you zoom in on a chip, a whole landscape is revealed, just like a city. Michelle wants to show you what it’s like to wander through the landscape of a chip with a surreal view.

Robothond Spot

Robotic dog Spot takes inspection to the next level. Designed to go where other robots cannot and to perform a wide range of tasks, the four-legged robot can be used to automate inspections, monitor and inspect remote or hazardous environments. Robotic dog Spot is equipped with an acoustic camera (Fluke SV600) that can remotely detect and visualise gas leaks in factories, airports or other places. The robot can be sent on a mission remotely, so – just like with drones – it can be watched. This robot dog was designed by Boston Dynamics. Can Spot sniff you out in the Central Area? Sorama shows Spot his tricks on the ‘dogwalk’!


#techtok, #dancetok or #culturetok? Discover the TikTok-experience at #DutchTechFest!

Marblelous Tech

Marblelous Tech brings back the traditional marble run! Build crazy tracks wherever you want and however you want! Our open system makes it possible to easily integrate all kinds of other items into your marble track. For the real tech lovers: we have 7 plug & play “smart tricks” that will take your track to the next level. Teleporters only exist in sci-fi movies, right? Well, then we have a surprise for you ;-)….

There is a super cool track at the Central Area that you can operate directly with your phone. Come, discover, play! And have a chance to win one of the first Marblelous Kits (soon available at the Dutch market).


For this year’s edition of Dutch Technology Festival, the team worked with the organization to create a special installation. The light installation was created with the logo and corporate identity of the festival in mind, with the aim of offering visitors a unique light experience during their visit. Visitors are invited to walk close to the installation and enjoy the immersive experience.

Smart Servant

Robots are serving drinks, taking orders and cleaning floors. See this ‘Smart Servant’ in action at #DutchTechFest!

Parking lot of the future

Come see the new generation of DAF trucks at the Central Area. The XF, XG and XG+ models have been awarded a ‘Truck Innovation Award’, making them ‘International Truck of the Year’. The trucks are equipped with the very latest gadgets and have an ultra-efficient diesel engine. This makes it very clean and economical and reduces CO2 emissions.

Sioux Mobile high tech escape room

Sioux brings high-tech to life, with this high-tech escape room! In this escape room, one of the Sioux drones has been hacked and it threatens to destroy the world. Work closely with your team members and solve puzzles in the room to destroy the drone. Can you manage to regain control, download new software and save the world in 10 minutes?

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