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Can you operate on someone through a very small opening? Yes, you can! It is called minimally invasive surgery and surgeons are using it more and more, even for spine surgery! Many people suffer from back problems and sometimes the only option is surgery. A surgeon then places screws in the spine to stabilize the back. This has to be done accurately, because misplacement of the screw by only one millimeter can lead to problems.

With ClarifEye Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation, Philips helps the surgeon to place the screws accurately. It works just like navigation in the car, but for operations. Through ClarifEye, the surgeon sees not only the outside, but also the inside of a patient in 1 image. This way a screw can be placed in the spine via a tiny hole in the skin! Come explore your navigation skills!

ClarifEye Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation

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