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June 8 and 9
9:00 am – 17:00 pm
Klokgebouw Eindhoven
Free entrance

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Doelgroep Education (pupils, students & education professionals) Contact m.dewit@brainportdevelopment.nl

Food & Tech area

Twenty years from now, we will still have enough to eat and drink. The huge demand has forced us to think differently. More sensors, artificial intelligence, digital twins, robots and other smart technologies in food processing.

These are the participating innovators in the Food & Tech area of Dutch Technology Festival 2023:

  • So far, almost all meat substitutes are sold as burgers, meatballs, schnitzel or nuggets.These products resemble familiar meat products: we try to match the appearance and flavours as closely as possible. How do you give a meat substitute its own style?

    How would you make a soft drink dispenser for refillable bottles?

    How can you print on vegetables?

    How would you make an energy-efficient supermarket refrigerator?

    How do you prepare orders faster in a factory?

    VDL is een industrieel familiebedrijf uit Eindhoven. Hoe kan AI ons in de toekomst helpen in de wereld van food?

    How do you make foods on a large scale that you came up with in your kitchen?

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