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June 8 and 9
9:00 am – 17:00 pm
Klokgebouw Eindhoven
Free entrance

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Doelgroep Education (pupils, students & education professionals) Contact m.dewit@brainportdevelopment.nl

Health & Tech area

Our goal is to touch people’s lives by improving healthcare worldwide. We combine our technological competencies with the ability to turn them into innovative applications. Get inspired during Dutch Technology Festival by the stories of MedTech companies in Brainport Eindhoven.

These are the participating innovators in the Health & Tech area of Dutch Technology Festival 2023:

With three different innovations (AI MR SmartSpeed, VR Virtual MRI exam room & VR booth) Philips has an answer to the following questions: How does AI make MRI scans give a better image faster? How is VR helping to develop MRI devices that are better tailored to doctor and patient? Who is working on which technology solutions at Philips in Best?

How can you measure patients’ heart rhythms more easily?

How do you help people with multiple disabilities play a game independently?

How can we increase the independence of wheelchair users?

How can you make smaller surgical instruments with even smaller coils?

How can technology play a role in the personal responsibility of people who need care?

– Hart, Glow project minor BeCreative
How do you get people to exercise more through play?
– Applied Sciences
– 3D printers / scanners
– Slamom competition with prosthetics
– Care robots (dog and cat)
– Aging suit
– Escape room / Virutal Reality
How can you improve healthcare with technology/VR?
– Asthma

VDL is an industrial family business from Eindhoven. How important is microscopy for the world of health?

How do you ventilate patients in such a way that they suffer as little as possible?

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