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For this year’s edition of Dutch Technology Festival the team created a special installation together with the organization. The light installation is created with the logo and branding of the festival in mind, with the aim to provide visitors with a unique light experience during their visit. Visitors are invited to walk closely to the installation and enjoy the immersive experience.

Hypar Collective is a group of 12 young creatives with a passion for lighting. The team has a strong vision: creating interactive light installations that make visitors part of the experience. To bring this vision into practice, the team has designed and developed enlightened modular cubes that can be positioned in different 2D and 3D shapes. Hypar Collective had the opportunity to showcase the cubes on world renowned light festival GLOW Eindhoven, as well as Vilnius Light Festival and numerous other events like TEDxEindhoven and music related events. The versatile nature of their modular cubes allows them to keep reinventing their own possibilities every time they create a new concept.

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