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June 8 and 9
9:00 am – 17:00 pm
Klokgebouw Eindhoven
Free entrance

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Doelgroep Education (pupils, students & education professionals) Contact m.dewit@brainportdevelopment.nl

Security & Tech area

A growing number of people in a relatively small area has consequences for the quality of the living environment. This requires smart technological solutions to issues of fire safety, police deployment, air quality, noise pollution and control of flows of goods and people. In addition, the use of data in business and in people’s homes is growing. That too requires smart solutions to ensure privacy, protect data and store things safely. In Brainport, you will find numerous companies, educational and knowledge institutions and security organizations that offer technologies and ICT solutions in the field of smart cities and cyber security.

These are the participating innovators in the Security & Tech area of Dutch Technology Festival 2023:

How can different parties work together to monitor safety at major events such as Defqon, Mysteryland, Kingsday and Decibel?

How can you use innovation to make the world a safer place?
  • Bosch



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