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The web has a dark side as well as a beautiful one. Every year, more than 100,000 young people fall victim to online sexual violence. Examples are sextortion (extortion with sexually oriented images) or shame sexting (the unwanted distribution of sexually oriented images). The threshold for asking for help is high and victims struggle with feelings of guilt and shame.

WTFFF?! focuses on the stories of five young people who have experienced online sexual abuse. Their moving stories are depicted by means of an interactive artwork. The platform explains (the consequences of) online sexual abuse, refers to professional help and offers the possibility (anonymously) to share an experience.

WTFFF?! is a project by Hack the Planet and the Dutch Victim Support Fund. Students from Sint Lucas and Fontys were involved at the start of this project. They developed digital concepts that they thought would appeal to young people. This resulted in the choice to put the experiences of young people themselves central in WTFFF!


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