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10 March 2022

June 11 & 15-18: This is Dutch Technology Festival

Welcome to Dutch Technology Festival (Saturday, June 11 & Wednesday, June 15 till Saturday, June 18)! This celebration of technology is for student and young professionals. Discover all headliners in the line-up.

DT Talks – Friday 17th of June
On Friday, the floor is for students. During the DT Talks, speakers delve into the world of 20×0. During the morning program, astronaut, doctor and scientist André Kuipers and professor Maarten Steinbuch (Eindhoven University of Technology) share their views on sustainable mobility. While during the ‘open lunch table’, students can pose their questions to the speakers.

The afternoon will focus on the role of technology in healthcare and the energy transition. Hans de Jong, former CEO of Philips, entrepreneur Peter Ros and lecturer Fieke Geurts will talk about how they see the role of tech within the context of social challenges. How do we ensure that healthcare remains affordable? And how can we become climate neutral? There is the opportunity to talk to the speakers during the closing reception.

Gaming and Esports – Saturday 18th of June
Minecraft, League of Legends, FIFA, Fortnite: on Saturday, June 18 a spectacular gaming event will take place in the Klokgebouw Eindhoven. Visitors can meet the best gamers, presenters, casters and esports players of the Benelux and see them in action. Gamers compete against each other in various gaming formats. Meet Tim Kolijn (the brains behind EindjeMinecraft), PSV FIFA players Ali Riza and Romal Abdi and Youtubers & streamers: Qucee, JoostSpeeltSpellen, Duncan and Linktiger.

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