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Wednesday, June 15
9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Klokgebouw Eindhoven
Free after registration
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Doelgroep Ages: 15-18 Contact mirly@futurebites.nl

Night of the Nerds

The live edition of Night of the Nerds will take place on Wednesday, June 15. Immerse yourself in the world of technology, innovation and creativity.

There is a packed program for tech enthusiasts. Expect experiences, workshops, techtalks and a Night of the Nerds quiz. Learn to program music, test and play new games and ask all your questions about tech.

This year, Night of the Nerds can be found at several locations in and around Strijp: the Klokgebouw, MU, Fontys Innovation Lab, POPEI and VR Centre Enversed.

ChemiKami game

Become an expert in chemistry with this ChemiKami card game! The game was created by Tengjia Zuo, (Student Industrial Design | TU Eindhoven). In this card game, you learn chemical elements by heart by using Augmented Reality (AR).

Compose music with Robo Maestro

Are you crazy about music games? With Robo Maestro you will experience a whole new way of making music. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology composes the music based on the commands you give Robo Maestro. Make endless music, record songs and share them with your friends. You are the Maestro!

Yokufa: the party game

The game “Yokufa” is an arena brawler party game.The game has an overall theme of spirituality and tribal assets. In the game, 2 to 4 players duke it out in arenas with the goal to deplete their rival’s lives. Yokufa was designed by students Joey Vogelzangs, Joe Hooijmaijers and Max van Diepen. Are you ready to play?

The ASML Brain Teaser: Circuit Maze Game

The Circuit Maze game is a challenging game that gives you insight into how circuits work. In this challenge, will you manage to build a real circuit and light the LED beacons?

The ASML Brain Teaser: Laser Maze Game

Do you have a dose of common sense and are you interested in science? Then come play the Laser Maze Game and navigate the laser through the mirror labyrinth. In this game, the aim is to place the different pieces on the game board in such a way that the laser beam hits the mirror and makes the target light up red. In four different game levels you are challenged to overcome this brainteaser.

Creative Coding with Timo Hoogland

Timo Hoogland is a Creative Coder. He has found the perfect combination for his passions music and technology. As an artist under the name _T.MO_code and sound alchemist Timo shows how cool it is to program music and how you can learn to code music yourself. He gives you practical tips and you can ask all your questions!

Graphic 'Short Stories' with AR

Augmented Reality (AR) adds something extra to an image. Jimi Eichhorn (St Joost student) designed graphic illustrations where an extra story – through an animation or poem – is added. Together with the AR app Eye Jack, these creations are shown to you. This gives his work even more meaning and shows a glimpse into the world of AR.

The flying assistant: Blue Jay Drones

Student team Blue Jay is working on the development of an indoor drone assistant. This friendly looking drone with luminous frame should be able to fly fully independently and assist people (in buildings and houses). Come see the drone, pilot it and meet the students of Blue Jay Eindhoven.

Testing the latest games in the UX Lab

Are you a fan of games? Then come to the UX Lab and get to work with the latest games developed by game students from the Interaction Design program at Fontys. They have produced a wide range of games for your smartphone, with virtual reality goggles or with augmented reality. While playing, your feedback is very valuable!

Meet the FTC Team The Encrypted Gentlemen

During the First Tech Challenge (FTC) several high school students compete in a global robot competition. The FTC Team The Encrypted Gentlemen of the Sondervick College in Veldhoven has become the Dutch champion with their designed robot. At Night of the Nerds they will be present to show their electrical creation.

Program your own conveyor belt

Every year, more than 23 million passengers travel through the Dutch airports. The transport of all luggage is of course very important. The sorting of this baggage is fully PLC-controlled. During this workshop, you will learn – in cooperation with market leader Vanderlande – what is involved in this system and you will get the assignment to program your own conveyor belt.

Watch URE's high-tech autonomous race car

Each year, the University Racing Eindhoven (URE) student team, in collaboration with partners, designs an innovative electric, autonomous race car. With this race monster the team of Technical University participates in the biggest international design competition for students. The race monster and the participants from the student team will be present live during Night of the Nerds this year. Come see the car & learn more about the team behind this innovative project.

Make your own electronic beats with Ableton Live

Wondering how to make electronic beats? In cooperation with the Creative Tech Academy, you get the chance to get acquainted with the Ableton Push controller through this workshop. Through this software you work with instruments and self-made sounds with effects: you can also record and adjust these. Become a real producer and make your own music!

Save the Earth in the High Tech Escape Room

Get ready for the escape room of your life! In this English-language escape room from SIOUX, you and your other team members must try to stop a hacked drone. Make use of the touch screens, joysticks, a patch cabinet, and VR goggles and conquer the drone. Make sure you save the world, but beware: you only have 10 minutes to do this!

The upside-down world with ASML

With these Upside-Down glasses from ASML you are up to the challenge! Try to complete all kinds of tasks while wearing these ‘Upside-Down Glasses’. Write your own name, avoid obstacles in your path and pour water into a glass in a completely different way than you are used to. Nothing is what it seems: get ready for the challenge!

Dory: the hybrid collaboration game

In this cooperative game you have to communicate with other players, you are presented with different questions and the task is to send a dolphin safely through the polluted ocean to a healthy nature reserve. Thanks to Dory, your understanding of ocean pollution is enhanced and your gaming skills are put to the test.

Programming music in code language with Sonic Pi

Making music has never been more challenging. With Sonic Pi you program beats and sounds, change instruments and add subtle effects to your creations. Based on code, you build a complete track step by step.

Build your own rockets and start a true revolution: Next Space Rebels game

Dutch artist Floris Kaayk is the founder of this new spectacular space game. Together with hacker group Next Space Rebels – which calls on the world to build their own rockets – you work toward a progressive goal: the journey to Internet freedom.

Program your own 3D game

Show your (game)skills: make your own 3D-Game. In collaboration with Fontys Eindhoven you will build the basis of a Unity 3D game during this workshop. Design, personalize and create your ultimate game. Go for an exciting and challenging adventure!

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