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VDL Groep

Make a difference to the world of tommorow

At VDL Groep we believe that technology can help improve our lives and society. Our activities can be grouped into five worlds: Mobility; Science, Technology & Health; Energy & Sustainability; Infratech; and Foodtech. Each one of these worlds has its own characteristics and challenges, whereby VDL plays a unique role in the development and production of a variety of industrial and innovative products, machines, components or services and comprehensive solutions. Sometimes visible, sometimes hidden from view. We are always driven to make the difference together. By thinking, by doing and by combining craftsmanship and innovation. We are VDL. We stand for strength through cooperation.

Our family business has existed since 1953 and has now grown to more than 100 companies and an annual turnover of 4.9 billion euros. With approximately 15,000 colleagues, we are active in 20 countries, in various fields and markets. This offers you many opportunities to learn, grow and innovate. And we are happy to facilitate that! Whether in engineering, project management, electronics, software, IT, production, purchasing or quality. Look at www.werkenbijvdl.nl for your options.

Get to know VDL during Dutch Technology Festival 2022
We are proud of our technologies! And we would like to show you that at one of the events during Dutch Technology Festival 2022. Visit us during:

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